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Poochy Pointers: Get your Food Choices on Target

Have you seen this page?  This Food Target was created by Chris Johnson of On Target Living. The idea is to select your food choices by getting as near to the center of the target as possible.  I've printed this and keep one copy at home and one at work.

This shows you that even by making little changes like moving from white potatoes to red-skinned potatoes or to purple potatoes, you're making better choices and making progress.

So tell me, how many food choices do you make a day are at the center of the target? 
How many food choices are at the center of the target you've never tried? 
Can I get you try 1 new food you've never tried at the center of the target for 1 meal? How about eat an entire day from only the center of the target? 
If you do post about it on your blog and leave me a comment so I can tell you what good choices you're making! 


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