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New Weight Loss Blogs in 2013

If you started a new weight loss blog in 2013. I want to hear from you! Let me know where you are so I can give you support. You can either comment below or join the forum and post under the "New Weight Loss Blogs in 2013" 

Do you have a favorite weight loss blog that inspires you? Tell us about that here.  I would expect you to list your own there as well - because you are your own inspiration.  You knew that; right?

I'm here for support too! Follow me if you like the blog, I have so much more to say.  I'm going to really stretch my goals this year and work on 2013 followers.  Can you imagine what a thriving inspirational community this would be? Will you help me?


  1. My blog is not new, but I definitely use it to inspire myself.

  2. My blog is not new to 2013, but my saga is continuing into 2013. Support is always good :).


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