Following the Golden Road to Happiness in 10 Steps: Part 4 of 5

Today our steps take us to nurturing our bodies.  We must first take time to take care of us first.  I find I like to sing with the music turned up and then next thing I know, I'm either shaking my booty or getting those pesky tasks marked off my nag list.  Sometimes, when I'm alone, which isn't very often, I take a hot shower and spend extra time shaving my legs and using my favorite body sprays.    After that, I'll put on some cozy pajamas and settle in with a good book or movie.  Other times, I'll call a friend and we'll find ourselves laughing and giggling over the past or our busy lives.

Our last step for today in Following the Golden Road to Happiness is to plant the seed of happiness in others.  Can you imagine the garden we'd grow by just planting one seed at a time? It doesn't have to be something extravagant.  It can simply be saying hello with a bright smile to a stranger on the street, dropping off a card at someone's desk or maybe even shoveling that not-so-friendly neighbors's sidewalk.  Think back how it makes you feel when others do for you and then remember how good it feels when you do for others.  It's uplifting and it's contagious.  We are only one person but if we all take the time we can make this a happier world.

Today's journey and every day after: 

1.  List out the things that made you smile in your journey today. How many can you find? 
2.  What did you celebrate today? 
3.  Forgive yourself and others. 
4.  Make a list of all your accomplishments - don't forget the little things! 
5.  Where can you put more color in your life? 
6.  What did you do to move today? 
7.  Add to your list the new things bugging you.  When you complete a task, scratch it off!  
8.  Do something today that nurtures you. What was it? 
9.  Plant the seed of happiness. What did you do? 


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