Following the Golden Road to Happiness in 10 Steps: Part 5 of 5

The final step to Following the Golden Road to Happiness is when you lay your head to rest, write down at least five (5) things you were grateful for today.  You can state the obvious like food, shelter, clothes, but as you continue this habit you'll realize you have an abundance of things you're grateful for.  As your awareness of being grateful broadens, so will your heart and mind open up to the other things in your life you weren't seeing.

Today's journey and every day after: 

1.  List out the things that made you smile in your journey today. How many can you find? 
2.  What did you celebrate today? 
3.  Forgive yourself and others. 
4.  Make a list of all your accomplishments - don't forget the little things! 

5.  Where can you put more color in your life? 
6.  What did you do to move today? 
7.  Add to your list the new things bugging you.  When you complete a task, scratch it off!  
8.  Do something today that nurtures you. What was it? 
9.  Plant the seed of happiness. What did you do? 
10.  Write down at least 5 things you were grateful for today. 

Now that I've taken you on the complete journey, it's time to create your own.  Print out the Golden Road to Happiness to start yours.  


  1. Such an awesome way to start the year. Thanks for sharing with us!


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