Following the Golden Road to Happiness in 10 Steps: Part 3 of 5

As we embark on our journey to happiness today, our next steps start with looking where we can put more color in our life.  I used to hide behind the color black.  My closet is now a rainbow of colors from greens to reds and can you guess? PINK! Bright colors make for a bright heart.  Shine some light on yours.

The next step is to start moving your body.  It doesn't matter what it is but start moving every day. I remember my first trip to the gym at work with a friend and I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to go very long.  I expected 3 or 4 minutes but I pushed myself to 10.  That feeling was empowering. My heart was beating and I felt alive!

Our 7th step is to start marking off the things you want to get done you keep putting off.  All they do is nag at you and weigh you down.  Don't you have enough to carry around? Move them out so you can let happiness move in.

Today's journey and every day after: 

1.  List out the things that made you smile in your journey today. How many can you find? 
2.  What did you celebrate today? 
3.  Forgive yourself and others. 
4.  Make a list of all your accomplishments - don't forget the little things! 
5.  Where can you put more color in your life? 
6.  What did you do to move today? 
7.  Make a list of the tasks or things bugging you.  When you complete a task, scratch it off!  


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