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Late Night Update- I am the Trouble Champion

Today was a fun family day.  While hubby went grocery shopping, I revealed to the kids my new game I purchased for the Wii on Thursday.  I think they were more excited to play than I was.  We danced our socks off to "Just Dance" Greatest hits.  We were are all moving and grooving and definitely working up a sweat.  It was good quality fun time and got us all moving too.

This evening all four of us played Ants in the Pants and Trouble and then later played SSX Tricky on the PS2.  Ants in the Pants felt like we were all competing in Minute to Win it.  It was a lot of fun! I was champion in our Trouble Match!

I have good news to report on the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. I absolutely loved all 5.3 ounces of it for 80 calories, 0 Fat and 12 grams of protein.  The texture was thick, yet creamy and reminded me of mousse or a really thick pudding.  It has a great flavor just like the Light & Fit brand is known for. I find myself looking forward to the next time I have it again.  It's a great breakfast or snack item that I'm adding to my list of favorites.  I tried the Cherry last week and hubby brought home the strawberry and blueberry flavors today.  The other flavors are Vanilla, Peach, Pineapple and Raspberry.  The vanilla also comes in the quart size.  You can look to see if it is in your area here.

My wellness coach suggested adding peanut butter and a banana to my protein shakes so I plan to try that this next week.  He tells me it's important to jump start myself in the morning and to put some calories in the first half hour after getting up.  I don't like to eat when I first get up so I've been really trying to at least do a protein shake.  This helps me to get 1/3 of my required protein in before I ever leave the house and sets me up for a super day.

1. List out the things that made you smile in your journey today. How many can you find? 
Today my family made me smile today.  Fixing dinner for my family made me smile and getting up and moving made me smile. 2.  What did you celebrate today? 
I remembered to take my vitamins on the weekend!!
3.  Forgive yourself and others. 
Today, I'm harboring no ill feelings toward anyone or myself. 
4.  Make a list of all your accomplishments - don't forget the little things! 
I exercised today, spent quality time with my kids, remembered my vitamins and ate on plan! 
5.  Where can you put more color in your life? 
I need to put my color in my office at work.  I need more mental reminders. 6.  What did you do to move today? 
Just Dance Greatest Hits 7.  Add to your list the new things bugging you.  When you complete a task, scratch it off!  
My closet needs to be re-organized. It's driving me nuts. 8.  Do something today that nurtures you. What was it? 
While I didn't do anything specific just for me, I had a very relaxing day spending it with my family. 9.  Plant the seed of happiness. What did you do? 
I sent a tweet to one of my followers congratulating her on the great day she had with exercise and food journaling. 

Tomorrow is the season premiere of Biggest Loser and this season includes children.  Dr Oz had Jillian, Bob and Duvet on the other day and asked about how they'll be handling the children portion of the show.  Jillian responded that it would be fun and positive experiences for them and they would not be weighing.  I'm torn about them even being on the show.  As an obese child, I wouldn't have had the courage to be put on TV as it was just one more validation that I was fat.  Heck, I wouldn't even write Richard Simmons because I feared he'd really show up at my door.  It's almost like if I didn't face it/or admit it, no one knew it. I know .. I had a very warped sense of my self.  So, I'd like to know, what are your thoughts on children being on the show?


  1. I'll have to see how the they shoot the children's portion of the show. I think its great - this struggle started for so many of us very early in life and if it helps a kid get some some weight off or get their weight issues under control then awesome - or helps a parent approach weigh issues with their kids in a healthy way than that's totally awesome. I was on weight watchers at age 5....and never got my SH together until the Lap Band! I'm very interested in seeing the show.


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