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Poochy Ponders: To Tell or Not to Tell

Poochy Ponders
That's today's ponder. While I am no Hamlet, debating on whether you tell people you've had weight loss surgery is a heavy subject.  Since my surgery, I've had six friends have one procedure or the other and the topic of telling people is always at the top.

I personally, share my story as I feel it's a way to Pay it Forward to the next person.  I've always been pretty open where no question is off-limits.  It's a personal decision.  I have in the last year encountered situations where I felt uneasy sharing my surgery story.  I've realized that you really have to trust the person.  When my wellness coach asked me to tape a testimonial for their website, I did it to Pay it Forward; but when I found out that they wanted to share it with the entire company I work for, I freaked out.  In that situation, I was able to figure out why.  I was afraid of what other's might think or how they would judge me or what they would say if they saw me eating a wrong food in the cafeteria.  I didn't want them to hold me accountable.  It took me a long time to work through the fear.  I knew that it was another test of how far I'd come and that I can be empowered by it rather than hindered.  They shared the video and I never heard anything from anyone except praise and kindness and those that were mean - I don't know about or care.  They have their own demons if they're worried about mine.

Recently, I was thinking about the future and flash-forward 10 years from now with new people that have crossed my path. Is there really a need to tell the story? Are you really still living in a fat-minded body by continuing to tell your story? If so, how can I continue to Pay it Forward if I stop the story.

I'm interested in what you think about this. Do you tell your story? Who do you tell? Who do you not tell. When do you stop telling? That is the question. 


  1. This is a tough one, I say it's up to the individual. Thanks for your comment on my blog

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by :) The individual having it and the individual you're about to tell :)

  2. Very interesting topic today. I have not been forth coming about my journey. I have told only 6 or 7 people. If others have found out, either through these 6 or 7 folks, or through other means...I have only told those people.

    Oh - I cannot respond to you in email by the way (says no reply @ blogger) and I don't check back on a post once I have posted. But to answer your question about the Fiber - (I think it was you who asked...) I use Metamucil Clear & Natural. You just add a teaspoon to your drink (I use my morning V8) and stir well. It clumps up a bit, but if you add it slow and stir the whole time it's not too bad. : )

  3. In the beginning I only told my family and very close friends. I didn;t tell anyone at work, but at the time I hated my job and really tried to avoid most of the people there. I got a new job 4 months post op and had no problems telling people then. It's a very personal decision...and each person has to do what feels right for them.

  4. I have not had WLS, but I still don't talk much about how I released almost 90 lbs since May. Most people who ask how I did it are not really ready to put in the hard work. Once I start talking the excuses come out. So I tell the truth, but in large generalities--I worked out the mental aspect, eat many small meals, mostly low-carb, etc. It satisfies the curiosity and keeps me free from the negative ("that won't work") comments.

  5. A - congrats on your success! I'm rooting for you in 2013!


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