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Pre New Year Challenge

Have you read this woman's blog? If you haven't, you're missing out. Holly had the same surgery I did, the VSG, and she looks amazing!  I know first-hand the struggles a 400 pound body has and if you haven't read her story, please do.  I know there are parts that I could totally pick myself out in and I'm sure you could too.  Holly wrote about a challenge called "Throw a Wrench in it" and how there are 7 days before Christmas and New Years. I can't give it justice so please stop over and read it.  It's powerful.  I'd been using this nasty cold as an excuse to not get off my duff and move and with Holly's inspiration I pulled out my "still in the package" Bob Harper Power Band and did the first set for beginner's.  Thank you Holly, I feel great! Are you using the same old excuse year after year to wait for the New Year? Come on throw a wrench in it and get off your duff!


  1. I have checked out her blog. She's great. This is cool...three of us that have had VSG. Now...I just gotta get my arse in gear. Long term I want to get under 200...that's 110 lbs to 199 from where I am now. Oh my...

  2. Dottie, if I can do it, you can do it! I can tell you that if i make sure to eat every 2-3 hours the weight melts off like butter. My main problem is remembering to eat because i seldom feel hunger due to the hunger hormone being removed.


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