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I am Poochy Ponders

There are several reasons I named my blog Poochy Ponders.  I had wanted to use the name Poochy, originally, because of the little bear I was given in the hospital before having weight loss surgery.  It was intended to shield the pain after surgery much like a heart patient is given to use.  I had named him Poochy after reading so many blogs about weight loss surgery and blogger's referring to their new pouches, a.k.a. their stomach.

Ponders was easy.  I ponder a lot.  I've spent many years mulling over the reason I was fat.  Should I blame my mother? My father? Did I have a thyroid problem? Was I just big boned? The reasons were endless.  Nowadays, I ponder how to make this my best life, sorting through the garbage in my head, and most of all doing what makes me happy.

After much thought, I decided that if I was going to use the name Poochy, I had better make sure it doesn't mean something outlandish or embarrassing.  Little did I know, it was the perfect name for this blog because the Urban Dictionary described me to a "T" in my past life.  Continuing to believe there wasn't a problem, only helped me reach over 400 pounds.    Can you pick out which definition I fall under?

 Definition 1: 

a not so fat but not so skinny person; usually they think they aren't fat and call themselves "big boned," or they make up some excuse that it's in their genes; sometimes referred to as "lards"

The poochy girl went to the nearest McDonald's and bought a salad, and a diet coke along with a big mac... and a double cheeseburger... and a double quarter pounder, then spent the night there feasting. 

Definition 2: 

To be burnt out after a big spliff

Man that joint made me totally poochy.


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